Inductors / Induction Coils

Induction Coils for contactless heat treatment of metals



We offer our clients from the automotive and pipe industry & offshore and wire production sector individual solutions in induction technology.

We will be glad to help you with your configuration by advising you about all opportunities for your applications.

Building Types

We offer following inductor building types. Furthermore, any kind of special construction is also possible.



Ring Inductors

Ring inductors can be single or multi coiled, in parallel construction or coiled with pitch. This is how, in most cases, defined part zones can be heated.

Round Inductors, multi coiled

These inductors are applied to heat larger part zones or for the continuous heating process of strip materials.

Field Inductors

Field inductors are used for the areal heating of a part, if only a one-sided heating is possible. The field inductor is adapted to the shape of the part and usually consists of several windings.

Form Inductors

Form inductors are adapted to the shape of the part to allow a high precision heating process.

External Field Inductors

External field inductors can be used to heat the inner part of drillings. Because of their weaker efficiency, they are used to direct the magnetic field with highest precision increasing the efficiency of the coil.

Customized Solutions

No matter if single or multi coiled, cylindrical, bar-shaped, oval, parallel, with left or right pitch, with field concentrators in form of special plastics, with or without ferrite, sheet iron or made of ceramic, we design and manufacture inductors of all types and geometries. Our coils are designed to fulfill the highest customer process standards.

Air shrouds can be inserted to displace the oxygen, water shrouds to prevent the scaling of a part.To achieve a hardening structure, the part can be cooled or quenched, everything is possible.

Coils can also be plastic or ceramic coated to increase their wear resistance.




  • Brazing
  • Soldering
  • MIG Welding
  • 3D Construction
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Test Laboratory

Further Possibilities

Also possible are:



3D Printing

We produce hybrid coils by soldering a printed heating coil on a coil base. The coil base can be both, conventionally or CNC constructed.

Concrete Lining

Concrete linings are inserted into a coil to increase its wear resistance and to reduce its thermal load. This is how the thermal load of a heated part, which can achieve the melting temperature of steel, sinks significantly.The concrete linings are specifically prepared and tailored for this function.

Water Shrouds / Quenching Shrouds

Shrouds are needed to displace the oxygen from the curing zone and to prevent the scaling of the material. Water shrouds enable the direct quenching of the part so that a hardening structure can be built. Quenching Shrouds are made of plastic, copper or brass.

Magnetic Field Concentrators

By applying magnetic field concentrators, the power of the coil can be increased. Partial areas of the workpiece can also be heated separately. Magnetic field concentrators can consist of plastic composites material, soft iron sheets or ceramic. By their use, defined areas of the workpiece can be heated or shielded.


Coils can be coated to increase their wear resistance. We use varnishes, plastics or ceramic coats.

Heat Protection Plates

To reduce the heat radiation of induction coils to their environment, heat protection plates are inserted into the coils (inductors). These are made of high-temperature materials, whose application depend individually from case to case.

Geometries, Sizes and Pipe Cross-Sections

Our inductors are produced in all shapes, sizes and pipe cross-sections:


  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Quadratic
  • Special Cross-Sections


We use material thicknesses from 0.3 to 3.0 mm